Always to the front, but where to?

Who we are?

We are a semi-fictional collective, based on artistic action and collective thinking.

«Always to the front but where to» is not a fixed group of people but a cell that forms and dissolves, whose existence is situational.

We conspire to generate spaces and situations in which we can create links with our vital desires: not having to sell our time in exchange for money, find ways to self-manage our basic needs, generate bonds and networks collectively, create and share culture, don’t reduce social relations to commercial relations, establish sustainable relationships with nature, experiment non-hierarchical relationships, etc.

We are a network of multiple bodies in permanent construction-deconstruction and we are mostly doubting a lot. 


The exercise of utopian conspiracy seeks to create spaces of possibility (mind space) , trough the re-appropriation of what already exists in our environment. The method begins with the identification and critique of different elements that exert an oppressive function in our urban context. Continuing by the proposal of fictions and situations that might de-stabilize the rigidity of those elements. Every negative gesture, in the sense of criticism of an oppressive force is accompanied by a possible fictitious tactic to contour it.

We do not intend to create viable alternatives  but generate situations that can favor their thinking or projection. 

We want to develop critical and creative thinking that seeks possible answers to the question of how we want to live.

We have more interest in the moment or the situation than in the static representation. Bearing in mind that we are in constant construction, the organisation avoids setting meanings permanently. The actions are understood as a continuous research process. For this reason, this manifesto might be already expired.

During the future gatherings of the fictional collective new Many-festos will be put in discussion replacing this one. You can listen the last one down. 

AFSUT sust,sing

(Acciones de Fuga de Sistemas Totalizantes- Leaking Actions of Totalising Urban Systems). Term to designate the actions derived from the collective Always to the front, but where to?

* They can be referred under the acronym AFSUT, which not by chance happen to remind of the onomatopoeia of a sneeze, body reflex that seeks to release our nose of unwanted irritants such as. At the moment in which an AFSUT is produced the vision of reality is briefly suspended by a flicker that accompanies it as an inevitable reflex.

Conspiratorial agent. sust, sing

Any person or animal, that through their thoughts or actions conspire by other forms of organising life . This conspiracy can materialize in a physical space or occur only in a mental space. The conspiracy agents can have any kind of profession or not have any. The means used by the agents are varied and infinite. The conspiratorial agents carry out AFSUT