Here you can check the collectives and spaces I'm or I've been active in during the last years.

Living Equipment

Living equipment: portable spaces is an artistic collaborative project ideate by Michela Dal Brollo and Inés Ballesteros. The Living Equipment grows as a set of portable relational and conceptual devices used as tools to do site-specific research and generate occasions of encounter and exchange in public space. The Living Equipment tools have been built entirely with recycled materials, and are designed to be light and dismountable. In our methodology we apply nomadic principles, questioning how to be sustainable while being mobile and collaborating with the pre-existing activities and infrastructures. 

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Archipel is a colective atelier in Antwerp(BE). An artistic breeding ground for local and international artists and organisations. A place for guest residents. A growth and meeting place for local, inclusive projects. A catalyst and facilitator of socio-artistic events. 

Here you can check the website.

Amor de Primas

Amor de Primas is a fanzine editorial that started in 2016 in Zaragoza (E) by Melanie Aliaga and Inés Ballesteros that collaborates with different collectives and projects using self-edition as a medium.

You can check work here and here

Greasy Horses

The Greasy Horses are a biking group for all people female-trans-nonbinary-genderfluid*, based in Antwerp. 

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Horses that should be cute on the poster in the teenager’s bedrooms, day by day their shiny fur appears to be more greasy. To get rid of itchy glitter they rolled themselves in puddles of chain oil, and with their joints all smooth ‘n oily, they sped off into the city’s intestines. They choked on the clouds of the metal bulls’ farts that hang in a heavy layer over the roofs, these bulls that took up so much space you’d have to draw in your breath to pass them by. But today the horses would not do that, they’d blow out their bellies and roll along the streets with rounded stomachs and knotted hair, drowning stupid whistles in their brays of laught.


Samenschool is an artist-run space, based in Borherout, Antwerp. Samenschool support and is supported by residents, acquaintances and neighbours. In Samenschool a collective research is being developed  imagining and practicing other ways of living and doing together trough artistic collaboration.

Here you can check the website. 

Collage by Jo Caimo