Collaboration with Flora Paim and Juan Lois. Presented in Porto, Portugal: 29 & 30 of May 2018 – The Worst Tours Kiosk, 16 of June 2018 – Feria da Alegria en la Asociaçao Praça da Alegria.

“Forget everything you’ve heard about housing! Through an innovative method of work, 100Lar Unreal Estate agency challenges all the limits imposed by reality and the good practices of civil construction to idealise new ways of inhabiting the urban space. Leading company in the utopian housing market, has a team of speculative agents specialised in finding free areas still available in the neoliberal city to welcome your libertarian dreams!”

After the identification of different empty lots that are located in areas of the city in processes of gentrification and sanitation, the agency makes them available through virtual reality technologies and utopian projection so that their void can be filled with emancipatory expectations, offering the opportunity to imagine and re-invent spaces of the common, outside the neoliberal dogma.