De Vergeten Brood Centraal / Forgoten bread central​


This project is a collaboration between Samenschool, De Kompaan and Posthof.  

The Vergeten Brood Centraal, (Forgotten Bread Central) is an open laboratory to recycle and experiment with old bread. Through an artistic performance two bread collectors ‘harvest’ old bread in the neighborhood from Borgerhout in Antwerp (BE), using the “bread mobile” and a song inspired by the metal collectors. Neighbors are invited to donate their old bread and to join the laboratories taking place in De Kompaan, a community kitchen project in Borgerhout. De Vergeten brood Centraal is an open laboratory for jointly investigating edible and non-edible uses for forgotten bread: making old bread sculptures, cookies or old bread fashion. Different artists are invited to each session to guide the Laboratories. The Vergeten Broodcentrale has counted with the collaboration of the artists: Jo Caimo, Bernadette Zdrazil, Adam Galach, Inés Ballesteros and Lea Ricorday.