Workshop performance and monographic exhibition in the context of the project Memorie future – Disseminati, organised by Spazio Piera and curated by Elena Righini in chiesa de Santo Osvaldo, Rovereto (IT).

The instalation was activated as well in the festival "Oltre e Oltre - Osvaldo 2023" in Rovereto (IT). In collaboration with Michela Dal Brollo.

In rivers and lakes, especially those with clean and well oxygenated waters, the Trichoptera insects grow. Surrounded by a sticky gelatine material the trichoptera eggs find the conditions to grow in aquatic habitats. As larva they turn into Subacuatic architects building their own refuges with materials they find in the flux of water. Making the house out of encounters. Their saliva brings the found materials together becoming eclectic architectures that they turn into their habitat. The houses Tricopera make are as many and diverse as the Trichoptera species itself. Now we are a Trichoptera larvae breaking out through the shell of the egg, we are surrounded by the gelatine that has been protecting us. We are out in the stream and we must find the elements that will build our portable or sedentary house. Participative installation compose by a series of clay and gelatine sculptures that are used for collective printing, through the hectographic printing technique. The gelatine is the element where drawings of the participants around imaginary habitats come together.