Lost in the city #3. Four mountain nose.

Project developed with the support of the program I-Portunus.  Collaboration with Dimos Vryzas. Athens. December 2019.

Small shadow performance for a small public, developed during a residency in the studio Stress in the neighborhood of Exarcheia in Athens. The sounds and characters are inspired by the social and urban landscape of the city of Athens.

The story in English goes like this:

«The life in this city is not(…), life in the city is unpredictable. The traffic jam creates chaos, and I like it, and I like that 4 mountains surround us. 4mountains, 1monster-car, many antenna-birds, one tree-cop, one thread-me, one thread-me. Many things are happening. I believe that the world will end when a nose will suck everything we have.»