Moving bridges

Project developed during a residency program in the artist-run space Samenschool, Antwerp. In collaboration with Samenschool and the neighbors of Borsbeekstraat. April 2019

When I arrived to make residency in the artist-run space Samenschool, the neighbours from the street where is located, Borsbeekstraat, were busy discussing a problem with the cars on the street. The discomfort express by the neighbours was about having too many cars transiting the street and going to fast, making the public space that they share less enjoyable and safe. By that time they had already taken different initiatives like measuring the pollution of air in the street, making a poster campaign for respecting a speed limit of 30 km/h and asking to the town hall to cut the streets for the cars for a neighbourhood party.

To contribute to these ideas I develop a series of rolling crossroads that can be used to create temporary bridges and as well soft barriers for the cars, that had to reduce the speed.

The carpets were tested with the neighbours of Borsbekstraat and Gijselsstraat and in other streets of Antwerp.

Pictures by Jo Caimo
Meeting with the neighbours of Borsbeekstraat to discuss actions, ideas, concerns regarding the cars in the Samenschool.
Wat is de zin? event organize by the Samenschool.

Drawings of other ideas for temporary barrier activities, that were not developed.