Tableaux Vibrants I

Collective project in collaboration with Drink&Draw Porto and Rosa Imunda, Porto. January 2019.

A set of people and objects are arranged in the space creating the staging of a painting in three dimensions.

Through the «Tableau vibrant»  is proposed the reinterpretation of classical paintings from art history. Firstly through the distortion and subversion of classical works and subsequently from the opening of a live drawing situation in which the scene, already transformed, will be recreated by people who came to draw the pictures.Pantomimes are welcome, transformism and Sacrilege of the Universal History of Art Encouraged!

The pictures re-presented in this session were: The birth of Venus by Botticelli, El Pelele and El Asno Literato by Francisco de Goya and El dios Marte by Diego Velazquez.

Drawing from the participants in the session
El pelele by Francisco de Goya
E dios marte - Diego Velazquez
El asno literato- Francisco de Goya y Lucientes