Unshaped_ahead Visuals



Presented in:

CSO Kike Mur – Zaragora, 

Hika Ateneu – Bilbao,

Ateneo la Porka – Barcelona,

Dinamo Espai – Barcelona 

Sxoleio -Thessaloniki.

Collaboration with Dimos Vryzas

Unshaped- ahead is the musical project of Dimos Vryzas, violinist from Thessaloniki. The project is characterised by minimalist melodies, live-looping, improvisation, ambient style and the incorporation of stories recorded by their friends, in different languages. The collaboration consists in the development of a visual work based on an interpretation of the music that is concretised through live mixing of visuals during the concerts, the logo,  the posters and self-publications associated to the project.

72 stop motion animation loops are mixed during the concerts to illustrate the different sounds and stories, following the improvisation of the musician.





To hear the very nice music of Dimos click here  

Thanks to all the people that came to the concerts, it was super nice!