Rabbit Hole


Developed during a residency in HET BOS. Presented in "Vruchtbare grond" colective exhibition in HET BOS, Antwerp.

If you are running into the Antuerpian “nature” to take a break from the city rush, you can experience  some difficulties to enjoy silence.  With 350,000 cars passing by everyday the background noise is very frontal. It can become irritating and you can end up talking in a bad way to people you actually love. When you find yourself in that situation , you might need to put your head in a rabbit hole for a bit and get some relief.
Rabbit colonies have taken over pieces of land that are some how left behind by human-kind not accessible or not in use.  Their warrens are deep and connected trough tunnels getting away from outdoor noises and dangers.  There is a rabbit hole suitable for various human head typologies in Noordkasteel, please use it if you need it.  Other rabbit holes where you can go put your head will be mapped in the future.
The rabbit hole is made out of different layers of biodegradable materials that create sound isolation : 2 layers of pressed grass mat,  Yuta fabric, wood and bamboo frame, clay, straw and sand cover + a camouflage layer :  ground, plants, mushrooms, drive leaves and other elements from the place where is standing.