Stone Soup itinerary


Stone soup

Research project in collaboration with Michela Dal Brollo and Kunstenplatform Plan B

Check the blog of Kunstenplatform Plan B for more documentation.

In this collaboration both our artistic languages converge on the creation and performance of portable equipment. We are developing tools that take the name of Living equipment and develop as a set of transportable, practical, and conceptual devices. Until now we’ve developed a nomadic kitchen and a portable printing atelier and library. The equipment has been used in an itinerary along the Ruppel region of Antwerp, focusing on the old brick factories of Noeverem, in between Niel and Boom. 

The Living Equipment is used to open collaborations with encounter environments, both in its social and spatial levels working as catalyst for gatherings and as our Insitu atelier.

 Our strategy to generate collaborations during our  itineraries metaphorically refers to the Stone soup folk story, where two nomads make a soup, proposing a stone as an ingredient. When the nomads conquered the curiosity of the villagers’ everyone is invited to bring an ingredient that would make the recipe even tastier. In every village, the nomads go the recipe and the conversations around the same stone change.

Photo by Laura Gieseke
Photo by Laura Gieseke
Photo by Laura Gieseke
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